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Our Mission

The mission of WeCare Clinic is to improve the quality of life for families with genetic disorders through medical care, education, and research.

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Our Vision

The vision of WeCare Clinic is to serve as a family-centered medical home for individuals with genetic disorders through providing compassionate, affordable, culturally competent, and excellent medical care.

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The specialized tests and care required by the patients would become too expensive if the patient had to pay the bill in full. The goal of these clinics is to have funds on hand to offset these costs. If a book were written describing details of the thousands of patients seen by these clinics, it would be a huge volume.

-Ervin Bontrager

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  • Fall 2023
    205 Trenton Tress Shop Road, Trenton, KY
    Fall 2023
    205 Trenton Tress Shop Road, Trenton, KY
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WeCare Clinic - Medical Care for Special Needs

775 Pembroke-Fairview Rd, Pembroke, KY 42266, USA

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