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Medical Care

WeCare Clinic serves as a family-centered medical home for children and adults with genetic disease in the Amish, Mennonite, and English communities of Kentucky and surrounding states.  We strive to provide compassionate, affordable, culturally competent medical care.

WeCare Clinic does not currently operate a genetic testing laboratory, but sends specimens to the Clinic for Special Children, DDC Clinic, and/or Vanderbilt University.  WeCare Clinic works with labs in the area for basic lab work. WeCare Clinic is not a Medicare/Medicaid Provider.

If you are interested in becoming a patient of WeCare Clinic, call 270-962-7383 or write us to request new patient forms.


WeCare Clinic staff provide and collaborate with medical experts to offer education and outreach events for our families.


WeCare Clinic staff collaborate with researchers from multiple universities to conduct community-based participatory research to learn more about the health care needs of our families.

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